Tuscany Residents,

Below are links to the conceptual drawings and architectural plans for the upgraded Palermo entrance.

The drawings show the “full” concept, which the Board felt included too much vegetation. We are building toward the “open” concept, which includes fewer plants and more open space.

As reported in the April Board meeting, work on the entrance was paused due to the city denying the necessary permit based upon the proposed height of the Tuscany sign.  An agreement has since been negotiated with the city to rework how the sign is to be supported.  At this point the permit is pending completion and approval of the updated design from the structural engineer.

We are just as excited to see the completed project as the rest of the community is.

Tuscany HOA Board

Conceptual drawing 1

Conceptual drawing 2

Conceptual drawing 3

Conceptual drawing 4

Conceptual drawing 5

“Full” Concept Plan

“Open” Concept Plan